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jerry sandusky molesting a boy in the showers. susan candiotti was in the courtroom and some of the testimony in her report here is quite graphic. >> reporter: it was his moment, mike mcqueary walked into court, took a deep breath and became the prosecution's star witness. he methodically described what he called a horrifying alleged 2002 sexual assault between jerry sandusky and a young boy in a penn state locker room. >> when i opened that first door, i heard rhythmic slapping sounds, two or three slaps skin on skin. >> reporter: he moved closer and looked in the shower. >> the boy was facing the wall, hands for shoulder height. jerry was close to him with his hands wrapped around his waist. i believe jerry was sexually molesting him. >> reporter: he said he was about 5 to 6 feet away. >> there was no protester yelling, so i can't be sure it was intercourse, but that's what i believe was occurring. they looked directly in my eyes. >> reporter: neither said a word. >> reporter: he says he left, called his father, and met with head coach joe paterno the next day. >> i describ
. now his past used by conservative critics. >>> more disturbing allegations against jerry sandusky. another man saying he abused him and gave him alcohol as a boy. >>> i have been excused of being a tramt traitor to both sides. >>> a woman goes from wall street protester to wall street professional on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- >>> all right. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, december 7th. ali is off today. i'm christine romans along with carol costello on this "american morning." welcome, everyone. >> welcome and good morning. up first this morning, newt gingrich threatening to run away with the republican race. his bid for the gop nomination going gang busters. it's beginning to look like a gingrich juggernaut. look at the latest gallup poll. among republican voters nationwide, 37% now say gingrich is their choice. he leads mitt romney by a whopping 15 points. cnn's deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us live from washington this morning. who could have predicted this? >> boy, one crazy ride. we've seen candidates go up and d
scandal. jerry sandusky in and out of court in minutes waiving a preliminary hearing and keeping accusers from taking the stand. afterwards we heard a few hints about his defense strategy. joining us now is jerry sandusky's attorney joe amendola. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, carol. thank you. >> i think a lot of people are still confused about why you decided to waive the preliminary hearing. so tell us why. >> the answer is simple. monday night the attorney for the commonwealth contacted me to discuss details about the preliminary hearing. during those conversations i had with him, he indicated he would ask the judge following the preliminary hearing to increase bail. i've always been concerned that jerry might wind up in jail pending his trial, which would really impede our efforts to adequately and properly prepare his defense. it's very difficult to work with a defendant when he's incarcerated. so we began discussions about making concessions. us waiving the preliminary hearing in return from the commonwealth saying to us, guaranteeing, they would not seek i
. >>> but we want to tell you about this stunning twist at the preliminary hearing of jerry sandusky. sandusky was expected to come face-to-face with his ten accusers for the first time today since his arrest, but his attorneys unexpectedly waived his right to a preliminary hearing. sandusky spoke to reporters as he left. >> we fully intend to put together the best possibility defense. the standard course to fight for four quarters. we await for the opportunity to present our side, and we couldn't do that today. >>> craig mel run is outside i heard's audible gasp went up when this decision was announced. >> reporter: audible gasp in the courtroom, audible gasp in the overflow. jo amendola, the foreign for mr. sandusky has been holding court for at least 30 minutes, in a lot of ways revealing what they plan on to do in terms of the defense. as you mentioned, around 8:30 on the preliminary hearing, it was set to start, 8:230 on the dot. about 9 on 0 seconds in, the attorney asked for a sidebar. about two minutes after that, all of a sudden they cleared the courtroom. the preliminary hearing had
>>> good morning. coward. jerry sandusky blasted by an attorney for one of his accusers for backing out of a hearing tied to his child sex abuse case. was it a sign he's hoping for a plea deal? this morning, jerry sandusky's attorney speaks out in a live interview. >>> total ban. a total federal agency push to go ban all personal electronic devices behind the wheel nationwide. even hands-free phone calls would be off limits. will it make the road safer, or is the government going too far? >>> and who will it be? a lot of people have made their mark on the world in 2011. but only one can be named "time" magazine's person of the year. we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and ann curry. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. is jerry sandusky's attorney is calling hi
abuse scandal. according to his lawyer a 19-year-old man claims coach jerry sandusky gave him whit key and molested him in the penn state athletic building when he was 12. next week, some plan to testify against him at a pretrial hearing. joining us from state college is jerry sandusky's lawyer joe amendola. have you spoken with your client about the latest claims? >> yes. we don't know about them at the present time. jerry denies those allegations as he has the original allegations but we hope to get more information as we proceed. >> so you're saying he is denying these along with the original ones. a lot of the alleged victims here have said and him speaking to you out to "the new york times" and bob costas, they feel re-victimized. do you believe the allegations most of the people have made are totally false? >> yes. as a matter of fact, jerry has maintained his innocence from the initial allegation back in 2008 which started off as an allegation of fondling and grew over several months into much more serious sexual activities. jerry has always denied any appropriate sexual contact
and the clearest account yet from the star witness against suspect jerry sandusky. now, for weeks we've been getting conflicting reports about what this man, mike mcqueary, saw in a locker room shower on campus back in 2002, saw happening between sandusky and the boy known as victim number two. now, there's the version contained in that 23-page grand jury presentment. there's what mcqueary reportedly told friends in an e-mail, claiming he made sure the abuse stopped. there's also a third account by a family friend, reported in "the patriot-news" by cnn contributor sara ganim, suggesting mcqueary didn't even directly see the molestation. so, today, at this preliminary hearing for two of his bosses, mcqueary finally gave his account, in open court, on the record, under oath, and it was a powerful one. he said he saw sexual activity between jerry sandusky and the boy and he told superiors what he saw. "there's no question in my opinion mind that i conveyed to university officials that i saw jerry with a boy in the shower and that it was severe sexual acts going on and that it was wrong and over
to get to today. a big day in the case against former penn state coach jerry sandusky. the key eyewitness finally testified in court. we'll tell you what he said. whether his story changed, and just how damaging it could be. >> it could be very damaging. >>> a story that sounds like a premise for a tv show. an nfl star that makes millions leading a double life as a drug kingpin. that's what police say sam hurd of the chicago bears has been doing. how did this devout christian and dedicated family man get into such serious trouble? >>> a great story for you. a week before christmas eve. a story of the season. about a bunch of secret santas. why are they showing up at a bunch of kmarts and the good deeds they're doing. we'll tell you what's going on there. >> what these people are doing is incredible. >>> we're going to start this morning with ron claiborne with breaking news from overnight. >> good morning, everyone. senate leaders have reached a deal to avert payroll tax hike affecting millions of americans that would go into effect on new year's day 2012. the senate votes this morning on
leaders charged with lying in the sexual abuse case against coach jerry sandusky. former assistant coach, mike mcqueary, the one who saw sandusky showering with a boy, testified today. >>> the the death of robert champion jr., the florida a&m university drug major who died last month, ruled a homicide today. the lawyer for robert's family comes "outfront." >>> and the bottom line, the payroll tax, a government shutdown averted and the payroll tax in countdown. let's go "outfront." >>> i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, breaking news on what matters to all americans watching tonight. the payroll tax. democrats and republicans have been fighting for weeks over how to pass an extension. now, if it gets extended, the average american will save about $1,000 in taxes next year, senate r.s and ds have been meeting right now. and john thune of south dakota stepped out a moment ago. we're hoping for some good news. what can you tell us? >> right, it's a two-month extension, erin. it has unemployment insurance, it has the payroll tax cut extension, and what we call the doc fix, which deals with
. >>> two penn state leaders charged with lying in the sexual abuse case against coach jerry sandusky. former assistant coach, mike mcqueary, the one who saw sandusky showering with a boy, testified today. >>> the the death of robert champion jr., the florida a&m university drum major who died last month, ruled a homicide today. the lawyer for robert's family comes "outfront." >>> and the bottom line, the payroll tax, a government shutdown averted and the payroll tax in countdown. let's go "outfront." >>> i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, breaking news on what matters to all americans watching tonight. the payroll tax. democrats and republicans have been fighting for weeks over how to pass an extension. now, if it gets extended, the average american will save about $1,000 in taxes next year, senate rs and ds have been meeting right now. and john thune of south dakota stepped out a moment ago. we're hoping for some good news. what can you tell us? >> right, it's a two-month extension, erin. it has unemployment insurance, it has the payroll tax cut extension, and what we call the do
coach jerry sandusky surfaced. well, the fate of schultz and curley may hinge on the day's star witness, mike mcqueary. that's the man there with the red hair. he testified about alleged abuses that he saw -- that is the operative word -- back in march of 2002. hln's mike galanos was in the court. and mike, mcqueary went into some graphic detail, and i know the whole debate coming into this had been, did he see it, did he just hear it? what really happened? what did he say today? how strong was his testimony? >> reporter: i thought it was very strong, erin. i thought he was very credible. he walked in with a demeanor, like, this is my day to tell the story. and we got that extra detail that, number one, that there were three different looks. and also, the sounds. first off, it was the sounds, the rhythmic slapping. he thought a sexual sound. he was embarrassed right out of the gate. then he walks to his locker and catches a glimpse out of a mirror, and through that reflection he says he saw jerry sandusky with this young boy, and he believes he's molesting the young boy. can't believe i
with the breaking news they just mentioned. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky waiving his right to a preliminary hearing. it now clears the way for him to go to trial on charges of him sexually abusing young boys. sandusky spoke briefly outside of the courthouse after the decision. >> to stay the course to fight. we await the opportunity to present our side, and we couldn't do that today. >> for more on this story, i want to turn to nbc's national investigative correspondent michael isikoff, who was in the courtroom. michael, this is a surprise decision, wasn't it? >> reporter: quite a surprise, natalie. you know, as recently as last night, joe amendola, sandusky's defense lawyer, was assuring reporters he was going to go ahead with this hearing. he had been giving every indication in recent days he was preparing for his defense, preparing to question these witnesses who were going to testify, try and poke holes in their story, and then no sooner did the proceeding begin this morning, judge robert scott asks if anybody has anything to say. joe amendola pops up, there's a s
begins a critical week in the penn state sex abuse scandal. jerry sandusky will make accusers in court tomorrow for a preliminary hearing. tim curley and gary schultz are due in court. the prosecution may not have an easy road ahead. >> jerry sandusky spent the weekend underhouse arrest meeting with his lawyer and preparing for tomorrow's gramtic confrontation with his accusers. prosecutors will lay out new details from their case calling some of the alleged victims on it to testify in public for the first time. in an interview with nbc news, sandusky's lawyer suggests the alleged victims may be working together and may be motivated by money. >> at least one of the accusers, that's all the accuser and his family are talking about, what they're going to do with all the money they get. >> the new allegations drew an outraged reaction sunday from the lawyer of one of the alleged victims. >> the idea that these people are coming forward with a financial incentive is ridiculous. >> prosecutors may have a new problem. over the weekend reports surf e surfaced that statements make by mike mcq
. they're conflicting accounts of whether he walked in on former coach jerry sandusky sexually abusing a young boy and what he told people afterward. that's pivotal in today's hearing for two former school officials. they are accused of perjury and failing to report the suspected molestation. susan candiotti is on the story for us in harrisburg, pennsylvania. what are we expecting today? >> well, it should be a very interesting and possibly a very dramatic and frankly exciting day because we might be getting more details from mike mcqueary, who you just talked about. he is in the courthouse, so are the two co-defendants in this case, tim curley and gary schultz, the two penn state officials. mike mcqueary's testimony is very critical for the state making its case. and the state has said this morning, they announced that they will hear testimony from five live witnesses and also from three people whose testimony to the grand jury will be read into the record. and this could last probably half a day. now, what's important about mike mcqueary's testimony is that he's expected to take the
coach jerry sandusky sat down with a "the new york times" reporter jo becker and discussed the charges that he sexually abused children. >> the allegations are false. i didn't do those things. i don't know. >> reporter: sandusky said there was chaos in the house where he often hosted children from his charity called second mile. he discusses two separate investigations. one 1989 allegation of an incident in which sandusky was said to have hugged a young man in a shower. >> i always -- >> by an officer? >> by the two. by one person of children. >> and an officer and that was it? >> right after that, we got an unfounded report. >> reporter: the investigation sandusky says only took a couple of days and university officials, including head coach joe paterno, never confronted him. >> i don't know that he didn't know. i know that he didn't never said anything to me. >> reporter: in 2002, an assistant coach reported seeing sandusky sodomizing a youngster in a shower. sandusky says he spoke to penn state collect director tim curly. >> i told him it didn't happen. in my mind, there wasn't inap
shocking about the statute of limitations for child abuse in america. >>> plus, jerry sandusky in jail tonight. he couldn't post $250,000 cash bail, but he might tomorrow. the bottom line on that. let's go "out front." >> artrested again, jerry sandusky arrested for the second time. he was arrested and charged with molesting two more boys. he was rained in court and unable to post $250,000 in cash bail. he remains in jail tonight. now sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing a tote afl ten boys although he continues to deny all allegations. we have a reporter in state college for us tonight. she has the latest on the story. thanks for being with us. what can you tell us about the situation and whether he'll be able to post bail and perhaps go free tomorrow as some reports indicate? >> reporter: he was rained too late in the day. it was a 3:00 hearing. by the time they could get something together, he was going to have to spend the night in jail and hopefully post in the morning. now it is $250,000 cash bail. however, he can put up property. he can use a bail bondsman or pay in c
. >>> also tonight, new accusers and new charges in the penn state sexual abuse scandal. jerry sandusky arrested again in connection with alleged abuses as recent as three years ago. chilling details on this one, including an alleged victim who says his cry for help went unanswered. let's check in with isha, see what she's fol he log. >>> nothing can bring back murdered 7-year-old girl, but tonight authorities say they're one step closer to justice. we'll tell you about the arrest they made and the suspect they're holding. that and much more when "360" continues. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals.
. a woman married to a predator speaks out on the jerry sandusky case. let's go "outfront." >>> i'm erin burnett, outfront tonight, breaking news with a big move in washington in a major concession the president and leading democrats will drop a surtax on millionaires as the way to pay for the payroll tax cut extension. this is a huge step in breaking the impasse that threatened the tax cut and may have shut the government down again. here is the bottom line. the ds and rs each fought for one big thing in this payroll tax battle and that is a nonstarter for the other side. the surtax for the democrats and the keystone pipeline for the republicans. now whether you love or hate either one of those ideas, the fact was this, both were deal breakers. we've been saying this all week. and compromise really isn't that hard. here's the decent proposal we've been putting out there as an example. extend the tax cut for those making less than $75,000. that costs about $48 billion. but you can pay for it by charging more to mortgage lenders and more to millionaires for medicare. it actually comes out
captor. >>> the witness in the penn state scape dal says he saw jerry sandusky assault a boy in a shower mike mcqueary told university officials about the encounter and he told them "it was extremely sexual in nature." mcqueer riff at a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to try both penn state's fired athletic director, tim curley and former university vice president gary schultz for like. >>> and questions lead to a demand for an independent review of how police conducted the search for this little girl, 7-year-old jorelys rivera. the mayor of canton, georgia, where she lived, wants to know why sheriff deputies weren't debriefed after searching and clearing the vacant apartment where, as it turned out, the girl was killed. and he wants to know why the police chief wasn't personally heading up the search himself. >> the police chief been there the day after that little girl went missing? >> i would think so i would think he should have been. sure. >> i feel like i was there when i was needed. if that's something that needs to be fixed on my part, i will fix t. >> a 20-year-
francisco. >>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky free on $250,000 bail this morning after spending a night in jail. police arrested him wednesday on ten additional charges of molesting children after two new accusers came forward. one of them told the grand jury that sandusky's wife ignored his screams for help while sandusky raped him in the basement. well now dottie sandusky has released a statement denying that saying, as the mother of six children i have been devastated by these accusations and also angry about these false accusations that such a terrible incident ever occurred in my home. she went on to say, i continue to believe in jerry's innocence and all the good things he has done. >>> a republican congresswoman says heads should roll as attorney general eric holder testifies about the botched fast and furious gun-running program. congressman jim sessen brenner grilling the attorney general again over what he knew about the operation and when he knew it. >> what are you going to do to clean up this mess? >> well, first let me make something very clear, and in res
jerry sandusky waives his right to a preliminary hearing and tells reporters he's not giving up. >> stay the course. wait for the opportunity to present our side. >> what was behind the decision? and what happens next? we're live at the courthouse. >>> on the attack. gop front newt gingrich and mitt romney take the gloves off with the iowa caucuses three weeks away. >>> and thousands of youth. would you like to live for hundreds or thousands of years? the breakthroughs that could be on the horizon today. tuesday, december 13th, 2011. >>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm matt lauer. want to take you for a live look at courthouse where jerry sandusky was supposed to be hearing directly from his accusers in court for the first time. instead, his attorney is answering questions from reporters outside. >> that's right, matt. as we just mentioned, just as the hearing was getting underway, he waived his right to have it. the case is moving closer to trial with his next court appearance on january 11th. we'll get a live report from the court and talk about wh
, a new defense attorney for jerry sandusky said his client may have been teaching boys "how to put soap on their body in the penn state locker room." he offered the explanation in an interview with a channel in a statement obtained by cnn. he said today he was only proposing one scenario for why jerry sandusky may have been in a shower with young boys. >>> number four. missing teen in oregon found this morning. police told "outfront" they found the 15-year-old in the apartment of a young man she met on the internet. she says it was her voice to leave her parents on december 3rd. her family left this statement -- police say they're questioning the 20-year-old man. he's not yet been charged. as you heard on this show, her parents said she met him and interacted with him on the internet. >>> it's been 132 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? the developing drone story continues and we've got developments tonight. iranian officials say they are going to put the drone on display in tehran and allow journalists to come and see them. but this is wha
's star witness testifies against jerry sandusky and we learned two more former colleagues of sandusky will stand trial. our legal guys are next. >>> all right. the chicago bears have dropped wide receiver sam hurd. this follows his arrest wednesday on federal charges of conspiring to possess and distribute cocaine. investigators say hurd was trying to set up a drug distribution network in chicago. he is free on a $100,000 cash bond. >>> in georgia county school district suspends all high school band activities. no band practice, no halftime perform answers, nothing. school officials say it's connected to the beating death of a florida a&m drum major. his death has been ruled a homicide. let's bring in our legal guys to talk more about famu investigation. avery friedman and richard herman joining us. this is heartbreaking for the family of robert champion, the drum major. it's ruled a homicide. how is this going to redirect this investigation? richard, you first. >> it's horrible, fred. they are going to unturn every stone to look into the hazing activities that have been going on at t
. >>> allegations against a former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky had put a spotlight on child sexual abuse cases. do you know how many cases are reported each year? 20,000? 50,000? 80,000? perhaps 100,000? we'll have the answer after this. ll getting dandruff? neutrogena® t/gel shampoo defeats dandruff after just one use. t/gel shampoo. it works. neutrogena®. it works. this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana... they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >>> before the break we asked how many child sexual abuse cases are reported each year. according to the american academy of child and adolescent psychiatry the answer is 80,000. the number of unre
the interaction some of the victims have had, since the assault, with jerry sandusky. listen, if you were assaulted by this man and he was so bad the you, why are you hanging out with him years later. i think those are the places the defense will go in attempting to discredit the victims. >> still an uphill vatle. thanks for joining us this morning, vinnie. >>> another story making headlines. victoria's secret is famous for super models. today, the nation's biggest lingerie retailer is facing another bomb shell. child labor laws may have been broke on the produce some of the famous underwear. cecilia vega has the latest from washington. >> reporter: so many of us will rush out to finish our holiday shopping today. the new allegations about one of the best known lingerie makers might make you think twice about where some popular products are coming from. these are the images of perfection and blam mour victoria's secret are known for. models seen strutting their stuff at the annual fashion show. behind the sexy underwear line lies another signed of secret. according to bloomberg news, the
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>>> good morning. face to face. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky headed to court this morning to hear his accusers lay out their claims of sexual abuse. what will they say? how will he react? and could sandusky himself take the stand? we're live at the courthouse. >>> on the attack. gop front-runners newt gingrich and mitt romney take the gloves off with the iowa caucuses exactly three weeks away, while gingrich agrees to a pledge vowing fidelity to his third wife. >>> and fountain of youth. would you like to live for hundreds, even thousands of years? remarkable, new breakthrough that could be on the horizon today, tuesday, december 13th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome today on this tuesday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm matt lauer. a lot of eyes are going to be on that pennsylvania courtroom today. we're expecting testimony that is emotional and very graphic. >> that's right. this is going to be the first time the public and jerry sandusky will hear direct testimony from the alleged victims themselves. ten, as we all know
at the center of the storm. f former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is speaking out to "the new york times." >> a new study about doctors who own their own equipment. they may be prescribing tests that you really do not need. that's coming up as well. >>> first, this is a pivotal day for herman cain, the republican presidential candidate, is in atlanta. he met with his wife for the first time since allegations of having a 13-year affair surfaced and he is expected to make a major announcement today. correspondent whit johnson is in our washington bureau with the new developments. whit, good morning to you. >> reporter: rebecca, good morning. a decision could come as soon as today on whether or not herman cain will stay in the race. he has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct but left the door open for a possible withdrawal. >> stay informed. because there's a lot of garbage out there on the internet. there's a lot of garbage out there on tv. there's a lot of garbage out there about me! don't you know? >> reporter: at a republican town hall, an early primary state of south caro
who first investigated jerry sandusky. >>> and what a year. we'll look back at all the big moments and fun times we've had in 2011 "today," friday, december 16th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. happy friday, everybody. so this debate in sioux city was the last before the iowa caucuses, which are on january 3rd. >> while newt gingrich did face some criticism, surprisingly, none of it came from mitt romney. instead, he saved his harshest words for president obama. we'll have much more on the debate and where the republican race stands right now, straight ahead. >>> an encouraging sign for one of the smallest babies ever born, delivered at 24 weeks and weighed 9.5 ounces and doctors gave her a 1% chance of surviving. now four months later doctors have wonderful news for this family. we'll talk to the parents coming up in just a few moments. >>> and we're going to be hearing a lot from howard stern on the new season of "america's got talent." the outspoken shock jock
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